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Guaranteed Phone Contracts

Read all about the different types of guaranteed mobile phone contracts that are available - even if you have bad credit.

We cover guaranteed phone contracts that include free handsets as well as SIM only deals and give you tips on the best networks and online phone shops to check for the best contract deals.

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Contract Phones With No Credit Checks

Mobile Phone Contracts for Bad Credit

Mobile Phones For Bad Credit

The type of mobile phone you choose as part of your contract application can play a big role towards whether your application is accepted or declined.

We list popular mobile phone handsets in different categories ranging from the easiest phone contracts to get accepted for through to the most difficult if you are applying with bad credit.

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No Credit Check Contract Phones

Read about the phone contracts that no not require a credit check to be taken as part of the application. These can be an ideal type of phone contract if you have a bad credit history.

We also provide practical tips on how and why phone retailers credit check customers and the best ways to maximise your chances of contract application success.

About Bad Credit Mobile Phones

We have been operating in the online contract phone business for several years and in that time many thousands of customers have applied for contract phones - many of which have been on a bad credit basis.

This give us unique experience in the market at being able to target and recommend phone contracts for people with bad credit that have the highest chance of succeeding.

It can be extremely demoralising to fail a credit check for a mobile phone contract. Many people will have experienced the dejection and worse still will have no idea why they failed the credit check.

We try to clear the muddy waters by offering practical, straightforward advice to those that have a requirement for a contract mobile phone but may struggle with a bad credit rating.

As a service we usually take a commission from the online mobile phone shops or networks upon a successful contract application so it is in our interests to help you to be successful because if your application fails, so do we.